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Joe Black (Unzipped)
Feelin' Blue?
I'm sure I wasn't the only kid freaked out by those Oompa Loompa trolls in Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory. Years of therapy helped. And now dance artist Electro Blue is helping transform a bad memory into a feel-good vibe with his sexy, high-energy dance reworking of "Pure Imagination," the ballad originally performed by Gene Wilder in the twisted movie musical. Electro Blue's slick rendition serves as the title track to his debut disc, a groovy electro-dance-pop mishmash of body-movin' music that sounds like the bastard offspring of a ménage à trois between Madonna, Erasure and Depeche Mode. And the singer/songwriter/producer's penchant for camp doesn't end with the Willy Wonka track: He also revamped cheese-rockers Styx's 1977 classic "Come Sail Away" into an Abba-esque dance anthem. It's even better than "Mr. Roboto."

Greg Shapiro (Next Magazine)
Synth/dance artist Electro Blue is the second openly queer performer in the past couple of years to cover the Styx classic rock number “Come Sail Away,” of which I am aware. Trangendered diva and actress Alexandra Billings was the first, and while her version was high drama, Electroblue’s performance of the tune is pure hi-NRG. In fact, all four versions, including the “darker frenetic radio edit” and three mixes by Julian Marsh, make the voyage sound like a cross between an RSVP Cruise and a rocket ship piloted by Flesh Gordon. Even with Electroblue’s re-write of Leslie Bricusse and Anthony Newley’s lyrics to the title track (originally heard in Willy Wonka
and The Chocolate Factory), I could have done without four of the six remixes. Instead, it might have been interesting to hear both the ballad versions of Electroblue’s cover of Breathe’s “Hands To Heaven” and his original track “A Little Too Late” in a remix setting. I look forward to hearing what Electroblue does on a full-length disc. (iDance)

Dean Ferguson (DMA Magazine)
In our ‘new and noteworthy’ file, we’ve come across a terrific debut sampler from Electro Blue on a little label called I-Dance that’s certainly worth your attention. It starts off with an Eiffel 65-styled remake of “Pure Imagination” that seems to be aimed at ‘Gen X-ers’ who fondly recall the soundtrack to Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory. Stop there and you’ll miss the terrific club covers that NRG fans in particular should find irresistible. First is a beautifully executed new version of Breathe’s “Hands To Heaven” that takes flight midway through. It’s blessed with the kind of joyous panache so often missing from remakes, especially those that try too hard to surpass the original. Electro front man Joey D’Alessandro seems to be genuinely enjoying himself, and his enthusiasm is infectious. A retro-trance reworking of the old Styx hit “Come Sail Away” follows “Hands To Heaven”, and it gets treated to a pair of solid remixes from circuit party superstar Julian Marsh. His Sticks & Stones Mix, with a tip o’ the hat to Obsession’s “Never Ending Story”, is the standout here.

OUTLANDS: Reno, Nevada
The debut of Electro Blue is an astounding remix of music featuring Pure Imagination, Come Sail Away and Hands to Heaven. The uplifting electro-pop, high-energy sound is sure to please the most discriminate listener. Dance floors across the nation are packed to this innovate sound of these classics as never heard before. The amazing sound crosses boundaries between generation x and older age groups offering something new to it's listeners. Come Sail Away is also featured by Centaur Entertainment on the new Party Groove: Pride CD mixed by Julian Marsh. An original single released "A Little Too Late" is written and produced by Electro Blue. The vocal's are impressive and tell us, this is the first of many things to come for Electro Blue. Electro Blue is finishing a new full-length album to be release soon by iDance Records.
The OUTLANDS is proud to announce that we will be featuring the sounds of Electo Blue at The Centered OUT Model of the Year Pageant. Advanced copies of the CD are available in stores or by contacting Joseph D'Alessandro at iDance Records: 718-218-9212 or .

David Atlanta
Electro Blue is one of the newer artists to recently hit the scene. His CD "Pure Imagination" intends to be an "uplifting, positive, HiNRG, electro-pop, trance, house and electronica influenced" compilation of four songs, with various mixes of each. Each was so different, however, that it took me a while (track 6 & 7) to realize that they were the same songs ... duh. His first release, "Come Sail Away" has already been featured on the Party Groove: Pride CD mixed by Julian Marsh.

Ambush Magazine by Eric A. Crabtree, AUSTIN, TEXAS
Electro Blue - "Pure Imagination" - iDance Records / Centaur Entertainment. Centaur Entertainment is proud to introduce Electro Blue, a multi-talented young artist from New York’s exciting new indie label iDance Records. Electro Blue’s debut EP, "Pure Imagination," is an uplifting, positive, HiNRG, electro-pop, trance, house and electronica influenced CD of original music as well as reworked, updated hits from the past. Electro Blue is already tearing up dance floors across the nation thanks to the spectacular HiNRG mixes by superstar DJ/Remixer/Producer, Julian Marsh. The title track of "Pure Imagination’ comes from the soundtrack of the classic Hollywood movie musical "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory." Originally performed by Gene Wilder, this beautiful ballad has been completely rewritten and arranged for the dance floor. "Hands to Heaven," is also a featured dance remake of the 80’s hit song originally recorded by the British Boy Band: Breathe. The song track of, "A Little to Late," is an original electronica pop ballad showcasing Electro Blue’s impressive songwriting, vocal and production talents as artists. Then there are the remixes of "Come Sail Away," Electro Blue’s first single release has already been licensed by Centaur Entertainment, appearing along side Erasure on the glorious and inspiring new party Groove: Pride compilation by DJ Julian Marsh. A CD work of art worthy of attention. Electro Blue can also be heard on DJ Julian Marsh’s continuously mixed Party Groove: "Pride" CD compilation.

Louis Morhaim (Heartbeat Records, NYC)

Very well produced and gorgeous vocals ... it sounds fresh enough for today's circuit floors. Well done.

Dave Baretta (DMA Reporter,
The cover of "Come Sail Away" is phenomenal! Julian worked it very well ... I think you covered an anthem from the past destined to be the next big seller ... midway through the song I had people singing the lyrics and bopping their heads to the beat!

DJ Gilles Massicotte
I will certainly play it during our next circuit party, here in Montreal, It's called Fever and it's held at the world renown CLUB STEREO, a DJ's delight.

Marty Thomas (Recording Artist/West End Records)
I've been listening to your cd ... I of course dug the "Come Sail Away" track, but then I fell in love with "Hands to Heaven".

Shawn Revelle (EXP Magazine)

iDance Records introduces “Pure Imagination,” the debut EP from New York artist Electro Blue. The title track is a high-energy dance floor anthem with an uplifting message of boundless hope and attainable possibilities. It is also a cover of the song from “ Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory .” The first single released off the album is an electronically updated version of the Styx classic “Come Sail Away.”
Electro Blue’s electronica pop ballad “A Little Too Late” is the lone original song on “Pure Imagination,” which also includes a remake of “Hands To Heaven” from Breathe. Six mixes of the song “Pure Imagination” and four of “Come Sail Away,” by DJ/ Remixer/ Producer Julian Marsh, comprise the bulk of this twelve-track EP. A full-length album is in the works and will also be released on the iDance label.
“Pure Imagination” by Electro Blue is available in stores or on line at . Log on to for more artist information.