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Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ )

Q: Is it a midi disc, dvd, mp3 disc or CD-ROM or CD+G disc?

All of the midi files and midi karaoke files come on a CD- ROM formatted for either a Mac or Windows based computer, but that doesn't mean you can't use these files on another midi compatible device such as a digital piano or synthesizer. This item ships with free demo karaoke players for both Mac OS X & Windows XP. I'm sure you will be delighted to see the shear depth of this collection. I have hours of fun with friends singing along with all the karaoke files. I use a Mac and Apple's FREE QuickTime player application (www.apple.com/quicktime) to play the files and QMidi (included on the CD-ROM) if I need to change the tempo or key of the song. I also use Apple's Garage Band application..which is also free if you purchase a new Mac, otherwise its $79 and part of the iLife suite of applications...but anyway...I just plug in a microphone into my Mac and use Garage Band to add some nice reverb to the vocals and then we're set to go for hrs. of karaoke singing fun!! The files will of course also play fine on a Windows PC with the bundled FREE Vanbosko midi karaoke player application. AS FOR A DIGITAL PIANO OR SYNTHESIZER, JUST CHECK YOUR DEVICE MANUAL TO MAKE SURE IT CAN PLAY BACK STANDARD MDI FILES OR GENERAL MIDI FILES (GM FILES)...MOST OF THEM CAN. IF IT DOES THEN ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS COPY THE FILES FROM THIS CD-ROM ONTO A 3.5 INCH FLOPPY DISC PRE-FORMATTED ON YOUR DIGITAL PIANO OR SYNTHESIZER AND YOUR SET TO GO!

Q: Will these play on my karaoke machine?
A: That will depend on whether or not your karaoke machine can play standard midi files or karaoke midi files on a CD-ROM formatted for Mac OS & Windows XP. If your karaoke machine only reads CD+G karaoke disks then the answer would be no. But you can play these files on any computer, Mac or PC with Apple's FREE QuickTime Player application. Just plug in a microphone and your ready to go!
Q: My computer has a CD burner. Will I be able to burn music from this karaoke CD-ROM to disk? That way I can play it in a regular karaoke machine.
A: Well, yes, and no. Yes, you can burn any of the songs included in this collection to a standard audio CD provided that you have the software required to do so. First you will need to convert the midi (.MID) or karaoke (.KAR) files into either .WAV or .AIFF (file format) standard audio files which can then be burned to an Audio CD using any CD burning software like Apple's iTunes (Mac or Windows, Free) or Roxio Toast (Mac only) or Easy CD Creator (Windows only). Apple's Free iTunes software (www.apple.com/iTunes) can be used to convert the midi files into .MP3 or .AIFF files as well as burn the songs to a standard Audio CD that will play in any standard CD player. Will the lyrics show up on a standard audio CD? I'm afraid not. Will iTunes create a CD+G disc with lyrics? I'm afraid not. There is, however, additional third party software available that you could purchase separately to convert .KAR .AIFF or .WAV files into CD+G discs complete with lyrics that will play on most standard karaoke players that support the CDG format. Examples of this type of software are programs like Karaoke Builder Studio 3.0 and PowerKaraoke which both retail for around $100 U.S. dollars. You may be able to find similar type software for cheaper right here on Ebay! I hope this answers your question. Thank you for your interest in our products. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to send them our way. Cheers!

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